Being familiar with all touchpoints that the clients encounter in their journey with the company is important to offer a superior customer experience

Mapping all touchpoints between the client and your company is a step forward into a superior customer experience.

Italian Customer Intelligence reports that all companies that executed this task are showing incredible improvements and, most of the time, these maps are the source of innovative ideas and projects meaningful for the final client. Usually, the first surprise is the huge amount of touchpoints in which the client matures a judgement on the brand that are neglected or ignored by your company.

A satisfactory “journey map” enables you to:

  • The Customer Journey

    The Customer Journey

    Focus the organizational ecosystem on the desires/needs of your customer, on the easiness to interact with the brand, on the pleasantness of his experience, in one word, on the “demand”.

  • Revise the content of your direct marketing, newsletters and communication campaigns, too often focused on your “offer”.
  • Align the promises of your brand with the experience actually lived by your customers or specularly, offer a customer experience in each touchpoint that is actually aligned with the implicit or explicit promises of your brand.
  • Bring the concrete experience of your customer in each stage of his journey (when he discovers the brand, when he evaluates, when he purchases, when he uses your products, when he eventually asks for assistance) to those who produce, those who distribute, organize, manage and sell.
  • Simplify your company removing processes, rules and practices that do not influence the customer experience or, even worse, ruin it.
  • Earn a vision for each client that is not uniquely organized in obsolete “clusters” whose “redemptions” are decreasing at a fast rate.
  • Identify fundamental measuring opportunities.

The seminars “How to offer an ultimate Customer Experience to your own customers: 6 steps in 6 months”, offered by Italian Customer Intelligence, provides a valuable training on how to map the customer journey.