It is arrived to 66% in the survey of March 7th!

Speed, quality and innovation are the paradigms of the new metropolitan customer and at Easy Park  the city is right in the spotlight!

Their mission is to make life much easier in the cities, challenging one of the most significant symbol of the urban complication: finding parking and being able to pay without memorable walks in search of an automatic cash machine, which is very likely both to work just with cash or to warn that the credit card payment option is out of order.

The Net Promoter Score, which takes the lead to 6 points in comparison of the survey in September 2017, is the result of the rising simplicity of the App. This proves, once again, that, in the fast businesses, more and more the ease offered to the customer rewards the brands.

Another factor that brings up the Net Promoter Score is the precise, clear and bright Promise Brand: “make it faster and easier to find, pay, manage and plan the parking“. This promise is kept with a number in constant growth of enthusiast clients.

This video shows the countless facilities that the app provides to the clients.

The group, formed in 2005, first worked it in Germany and then, with a great success, all over Northern Europe, from Sweden to Norway and Finland, and now it is present in 600 cities.

The key players of Easy Park assert their success is also due to the Easy Park’s Winning Culture program, which is designed to promote the organization’s fundamental values in each team and in each collaborator in order to get a stronger and developed working culture that is held on four pillars:

  • Love to the customer (Working hard to leave the customer with a positive feeling)
  • Courage (Taking the initiative even outside the comfort zone)
  • Change (It’s an opportunity and it can be “me” to start it)
  • Collaboration and team play (Before being understood I try myself to understand).

The customers’ enthusiasm, measured with the Net Promoter Score, truly recognizes this culture which is promoted by specific programs and within Easy Park as winning.


Manager consultant di Praxis Management e News & Customer Experience. Dal 2012 è impegnato nello studio del cliente del segmento Fast Casual e nell’applicazione pratica delle best practices di customer experience alla realtà organizzativa e quotidiana delle organizzazioni di ristorazione. Da 6 anni riporta la voce e l’esperienza del cliente in alcuni prestigiosi brand della ristorazione; per questi ultimi si occupa anche della progettazione e formalizzazione di mansionari e procedure per migliorare l'esperienza del cliente e della loro diffusione attraverso programmi didi formazione in e-learning e video. Esperto della mappatura dei touchpoint (punti di contatto cliente/brand), ne verifica la corrispondenza con le promesse del brand dal punto di vista del cliente, al fine di proporre significative innovazioni.