Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan, Lombardy, Italy


Kerry Bodine is in Milan to join the meeting outside intelligence 

The results of the Customer Index Report published for the first time this year by Forrester Research, an independent research firm listed in the Stock Exchange (Forr), have astonished the participants of the meeting “Outside Intelligence”. The convention took place yesterday in the beautiful setting of “Palazzo delle Stelline”, conference center located in the heart of Milan. According to the research based on a sample of thousands Italian consumers, almost half of the 31 best known companies in Italy offer to their clients a “very poor” customer experience. Additionally, no firm is able to deliver an “excellent” customer experience and only one (not even an Italian company, but the Italian branch of a multinational company) offers a “satisfactory” customer experience.

Kerry Bodine, guest speaker at the convention promoted by Italian Customer Intelligence, has warned the numerous participants, mainly professionals representative of the most prestigious “made in Italy” brands. The age of production, the age of distribution and that of information are gone, we have definitely entered  the age of the customer (and the research of Forrester is the proof). This is the time in which clients are empowered with greater capacity to choose, feasibility of comparing different options and attitude to betray brands they were loyal to for years. Here then, the warning of Mario Sala, partner of Praxis Management, sponsor of the convention and of the service brand Italian Customer Intelligence: “during a crisis, not only who survives but also who boosts its performance, is the one who acknowledges again its own customer. It is the one who offers to its clients a superior customer experience”.

Data are clear and Kerry presents them to the audience: 81% of total consumers are willing to pay more money to receive a better customer experience. And that’s not all, 70% of total buyers do not purchase anymore products or services from a company that does not deliver a satisfactory customer experience. Moreover, 64% of those customers turn to a competitor for next purchases.

Fortunately bad news are finished: there is an effective way to deliver a customer experience worthy of our customers. Additionally, Kerry Bodine gives us some encouraging hints that we will reveal next days.

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