Customer experience and brand promises

The Customer Expectation is a measured as an alignment between Client’s expectations and his real experience with a company or a brand.

The expectations that the Client reach and through which he approaches a company, a brand, a product or a service are the result of a complex process in which numerous factors are involved.

One of the most important elements in the process of developing and shaping clients’ expectation is represented by the explicit or implicit promises that the company or brand communicates. Therefore, it is really important to bring out these “promises” as they often aren’t clear and explicit even among the protagonists of the company.

A simple but meticulous method suggests to compare the company or the brand to a person and answers these questions:

Adaptation  of Italian Customer Intelligence from Aaker’s Brand Equity model

Style and Look

Prevailing attitude towards life

Respect to Others

Future orientation

Brand Core

If your brand / company was a person ..

  • What style and look it may have?
  • What characteristic and prevalent attitude would it have towards life?
  • What orientation would it have towards the future?
  • What characteristic and prevalent attitude would it have towards other people?
  • How would you define the “heart” of this person?

When you get to the five adjectives that define your person-company (maybe thanks to an internal survey) you will have something very decisive in your hands! As a matter of fact, the five adjectives describe the “character” of the experience you would like to offer to your customers in every “touchpoint”, in any relationship occasion and at least in the most strategic ones (read the full article here).

Non vi resta ora che chiedere ai clienti di descrivere con qualche aggettivo l’esperienza che vivono con la vostra azienda/brand/prodotto o servizio. Se l’allineamento è totale.. Bè, complimenti!

Now, you just have to ask customers to describe their own experience with your company / brand / product or service.

If the alignment is completed… Well, congratulations!

If it’s partial … You can always improve!

If it is nothing… Then there is a hard work to do. But it’s worth it!

An ultimate Customer Experience is related to purchase rate, its average value, customer loyalty and investment attractions.

Good job!

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