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Elena Riva, president of Panino Giusto, describes to “Cx and the city” her personal customer experience relating to a purchase finalized in the last months : a fragrance by Joe Malone

Elena Riva is the President of Panino Giustofast casual restaurant chain established in Milan in 1979with fifteen stores in the capital of Lombardy, four in the rest of Italy, four in Japan, one in Hong Kong and one in London. Panino Giusto is the synonym of quality not only for the excellence of raw materials but also for the ability to offer an informal and pleasant location to its clients. With a special attention to the customer experience lived by the clients of her restaurants, Elena describes to CX and The City, section made by interviews that each company shall submit to their customers (click her for any further information), her personal experience relating to a purchase finalized in the lasts months: the Amber & Lavander Cologne by Jo Malone.


Belgravia1How did you discover the brand and the location of your purchase?

I was casually walking around Belgravia, charming area of London, with a good friend, when we stopped in front of the shop windows of Jo Malone that draw our attention.

When you decided to purchase that particular product, did you compare it with others or did you opt for it since it suddenly drew your attention?

I actually tried many different fragrances but the Amber & Lavander Cologne conquered me immediately.

cologne3Which personal need or desire the product purchased was intended to satisfy?

I needed a “causal” fragrance, perfect for every occasion: when I am going to work or in the free time. Feminine but not excessively sweet… A perfume you can identify by the soft touch, especially by me since I don’t like invasive fragrances.

When and how did you purchase the product?

I purchased for the first time this fragrance in the summer of 2014, since that moment I have always been loyal to this Cologne, with one peculiarity: I like to buy this product in London, always in the same store, since I live that shopping experience as something special for me.

Did the product satisfy your personal need that stimulated the purchase, maybe exceeding that expectation?

Absolutely, I felt immediately confident with this perfume and nowadays it’s still my favorite fragrance.

Why would you repurchase this product?

Because it reminds me the very beautiful moments I lived during that holiday.

If that product was a city, which city would be?

Nothing except London! A charming city that I love, a city that is able to combine in a unique and extraordinary way the past with tradition and the future with innovation.