Art and science in the customer experience

Whether it is a fantastic jewel or a unique furniture, an exotic vacation or a T- Shirt, every experience that anticipates or follows a purchase decision hides a treasure: CX and the Citywould like to discover and disclose it.

Particularly, every purchase decision reveals to the world something personal about us: opinions, choices, feelings, reflections and emotions. This is the treasure that thrills every company that wants to turn these information and stories into valuable data and content. Since, in the age of the client, the customer experience is the unique factor that determines brand loyalty. Specifically, loyalty is a valuable economic asset because it regulates purchase frequency, average sales per customer and influences, after a complex chain, even the price of shares in the stock exchange: we are dealing with billions of dollars and millions of jobs!

The point is that influential studies warn that the Italian woman became the trend setter, and she is right now the supreme expression, of the world tendency to be unfaithful to personal brands. Actually, the Italian woman turns this freedom from every connection a distinctive and fun trait of her personal profile. Exactly like Miranda, Charlotte, Samantha and Carrie in Sex and the City with their fluctuating sentimental affairs lived in symbiosis with the fifth protagonist of the successful series: the City. The one that with her multiple offers became an influential actress also of our customer experience.

So, CX and the City is a “scientific” divertissement.

It’s a divertissement because “CX and the City” is a casual interview made to celebrities (in other words influencers in their own environment) about experiences they lived when they discovered a brand, evaluated, shopped something recently and then “lived” their purchase.

It’s scientific because every question asked in each interview takes into account several researches lasted fifteen years. These studies at the basis of the work observe best practices of brands able to offer to their clients superior customer experiences.

To sum up, “CX and the City” is an interview that every company shall deliver to its own client base because, as stated by Kerry Bodine, maybe the most important researcher on these topics: “What you think you know about your client is probably wrong, even more, it is very risky to believe to have understood what your customer desires. Knowing what your client really wants enables you to improve the customer experience”. Of course, it’s impossible to be familiar to every customer you have in the same way of the protagonists of our interviews. It’s impossible and necessary.

Italian Customer Intelligence is here for this reason!