When is it difficult to do business with you? 

In the age of the customer it’s important to focus on the concrete experience that each customer lives on each point of interaction with your brand. Actually, the experience that you offer in each touchpoint is directly correlated with purchase frequency, average sale per customer, loyalty and even investment attraction.

In each touchpoint, the experience that the client lives is considered “easy” when it satisfies customer’s needs and desires, when it’s pleasant, when it’s consistent with the promise communicated by our brand and when everything happens smoothly and easily indeed.

So, is it easy to do business with you?

Here some common reasons why you have a difficult and confused relationship with your customers who in the end turn to competitors:

  • They get lost in your website or in your store;
  • They don’t know where to find what they are looking for;
  • They don’t understand prices, discounts and promotions;
  • Too many choices;
  • Too many information;
  • Scarce information;
  • Inconsistency between what your clients find and what is promised by your brand;
  • They don’t perceive any difference between your product/service and the one of your competitor;
  • They don’t perceive any difference among different products/services that you offer.

This is just a first and short list…